Friday, 31 January 2014

Aabasoft India- Software Development Company

Aabasoft is one of the leading IT solutions providing all webservices to customers. We believe in three important factors which are quality, value & time. We provide a client oriented,satisfying services.

Our services includes:
  •   Cloud Services
  •   Dbaas
  •   Iaas
  •   Paas
Web Technology
  •   Web Design and Development
  •   Web Hosting
  •   Email Hosting
  •   Server Location
  •   CMS Development
Business Services
  •   Data Entry Services
  •   Inbound Voice Services
  •   Outbound Voice Services
  •   Customer Services
  •   Market Research
  •   Verification Services
Legal Services
  •   Drafting and Vetting of Software Contracts
  •   Licenses and Legal Compliance on Open Source and Open Source Audit
  •   Designs
  •   IP Portfolio Management
  •   Copyright
  •   Incorporation of Company,LLP,Partnership
Training Program
Mobile Application Development
Education Programs
One of the leading distance education center of Sikkim Manipal University

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